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Cascade Designs Perryman Company
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How to transform your employee performance management process
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“With Jakoba’s intuitive software we had immediate visibility to all skills and performance data; which has helped us make better decisions as a company.”

HR Manager at a Manufacturing Company

People are your most important asset.
Jakoba Software's employee performance management solutions enable you to connect with, align, engage, and develop your people most effectively, without forcing disruptive change on your organization.

Jakoba Software Will Help You Make the Performance Management Process a Tool for Better Business Results.

Companies are increasingly focused on improving the effectiveness of the workforce to drive positive bottom line results.  The key to achieving this is increasing the level of insight into how employees’ individual efforts align to the overall corporate objectives and optimizing your workforce so that the right people are placed on the right projects at the right time.  Yet, the majority of companies lack the proper tools to achieve these goals.  
Jakoba Software has the answer.  Our solution is a powerful tool to better engage your employees by not only tracking performance, but also linking employees’ goals directly to company and manager goals as well as providing comprehensive access to workforce skills.   Yet it does so in a way that is...
  • Easy to implement
  • Easy to learn
  • Familiar to employees

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